In this clip, MIKE FUREY takes us behind the scenes on the set of HOUSE OF BOYS, in Cologne, Germany. Dangerous Muse performs SEX DWARF and GIRLS LIKE YOU in the film and contributes three additional songs to its soundtrack. Other contributing artists include: JIMMY SOMERVILLE (BRONSKI BEAT), who wrote the main title theme, SPANDAU BALLET, and ROY ORBISON. The New York Times heralded the music in the film, saying that there are "more than a dozen excellent songs" and that "the soundtrack rocks."

On Monday, September 17, a SPECIAL SCREENING of House of Boys will be held at DIAGONAL CAPITOLE in the South of France, at 10pm. The address is 5 Rue de Verdun, 34000 Montpellier, France. House of Boys is available now on DVD.

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